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– Magazines Included:
Issue 35 – Spring / Issue 36 – Summer / Issue 37 – Autumn / Issue 38 – Winter
– Race Choices x 2:
-Choice 1.Nuclear Races (Rush / Fallout)
-Choice 2.Spartan UK Ticket (Sprint/Super), Mudnificent 7, Pukka Races or Aztec Events
– Included Merch:
-ORM Wrag
-ORM T-shirt or Vest
-£80 worth of Money off Vouchers to spend at MySports & More****T&Cs Apply

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Additional Information

Ticket Choice One

May 17th Rush 7or12km, October 31st Fallout 7or12km

Ticket Choice Two

April 19th South East Sprint, May 24th Ireland Super, May 24th Ireland Sprint, June 20th Wales Super, June 21st Wales Sprint, July 11th Midlands Super, July 12th Midlands Sprint, Sept 20th Scotland Sprint, Oct 11th Windsor Super, Oct 11th Windsor Sprint, Mudnificent 7 Aug 8th Coventry, Aztec Race Sept 12th Nottingham, Pukka Challenge Jan 5th Ipswich, Only Fools Ride Horses 5th Sept Colchester

Vest / T-shirt Size

Xs Vest, S Vest, M Vest, L Vest, XL Vest, XXL Vest, XXXL Vest, Xs T-shirt, S T-shirt, M T-shirt, L T-shirt, XL T-shirt, XXL T-shirt, XXXL T-shirt

Magazine Choice

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