GREAT SCOTT! It’s time to make our way back to some sort of fitness Marty!!
It may feel like a blast from the past when we imagine being at our physical peak, pre-lockdown, but never fear, we have the perfect challenge to get your Flux capacitor back to buzzing without the aid of banana skins. You’ll be outrunning Biff in no time.
You have 4 weeks in which to complete the set challenges, this can be started at a time/date of your choosing. A PDF will be sent out to the Email address used to sign up. This will have the tick/challenge sheet attached. Medals will all be sent out together at the beginning of May once the challenge entries are closed.  See the gallery for examples of what the challenges will be.


IMPORTANT – Your challenges will be sent to you by email, within 48hrs of signing up.

Please look out for an email from

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