December 23rd, 2015

Many underestimate the power of this style of training, as it is considered the staple workout for new mums and the elderly, but this massively untapped form of exercise could be the one thing that takes your training to a whole new level.


The whys, where’s and what for’s of PILATES


A basic range of simple exercises, created in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates.

As a child, Pilates suffered with a range of illnesses from sever asthma to rickets along with a variety of other postural and respiratory ailments.

His father; a doctor and his mother; a ballerina, gave him the basis upon which he designed this amazing exercise format.


Primarily, a core strengthening exercise regime, that incorporates specialist breathing techniques, but also offers an all over body conditioning training using body resistance, stretching and transitional movements.

A low impact from of exercise, Pilates also offers participants many other benefits including improved postural alignment, strengthened core, improved respiratory system, increased flexibility and agility, better sleep through breathing techniques and relaxation, heightened PMA due to the focused mind set it encourages…..and much more!



The Pilates system comprises of just a handful of movements, all of which are broken down in to a multitude of levels, Suitable for all, with base level exercises ideal for those with no fitness or flexibility, up to the advanced versions, which will challenge the most elite level athlete.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates can be practised during all trimesters of pregnancy, can be used by those with disabilities and extreme back problems, and can be used by all ages due to it’s low impact and gentle range of movements.


What for’s:

There are so many modern day variations of the Pilates format but to gain the best results, find a fully qualified, advanced level instructor that offers a course of classes based on the original Joseph Pilates format.


Over view:

PT Emz cannot rate Pilates highly enough and has practised it for over 10 years, claiming it to be the one exercise regime that has helped her rapidly bounce back to full fitness after 4 pregnancies.

In our view, this gem of an exercise format, should be included by anyone and everyone, no matter what their fitness goal.





Anti- Aging Benefits


With Pilates for life you will realign and correct the spinal imbalances by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine. In turn you will stand taller, look trimmer, and be happy! This all relates to a young person.


Decreased Back and Joint Aches


Pilates trains the body so that all of the core muscles work together to support and stabilize the back. Part of developing effective core strength is to train the body to know when to release, as well as activate,





Pilates for life is playful and fun. The equipment reminds people of playground equipment as a child. Pilates teaches us all over again how to pull, stretch, roll, push, climb, and breathe like we did as a child.




By improving your posture you will, in turn regain better balance. Balance comes from the core or centre of our body and we strengthen this area we can begin to bring ourselves back into a more balanced, upright, stance.


Sharpens the Mind


The mind over body focus in Pilates helps to sharpen our minds by being always conscious of how we are moving. Concentration in Pilates is key in mobilizing yourself to perform the movements with ease and grace. Without a conscious mind effort the body will reap no rewards.


Sleep Better

Exercise helps to release some of this hormone, which if done early in the day helps us to concentrate better at work and then later we are tired and ready for bed at night. Pilates is great to do every day  because it does not weigh down your muscles and cause you soreness later. It stretches and strengthens them helping you sleep better at night.




Pilates is one of few conditioning exercise sequences that have been found to be energizing no matter what your age or condition of health. Well, the best explanation is the stretching and articulating movements of the spine help to move the cerebral spinal fluid up and down the spine increasing the blood flow to the brain while stretching the body at the same time. The flowing sequence of movements controlled by your breathing is another way to increase energy by getting rid of bad air and taking in more oxygen.



Improves Muscle Tone


Pilate’s exercises help to strengthen and tone muscle and bone by using your own body weight. Anytime you add muscle to your body you stimulate your metabolism, which, in turn helps to decrease your body fat by burning calories and fat.


Improves Flexibility


Pilates for life uses stretching flowing movements to help keep your muscles supple and flexible. A flexible muscle is a healthy muscle making it better able to handle stressors that cause injury. With increases in your flexibility you can do some of your favourite activities like strength training, golfing, playing tennis, bowling, or playing with your kids without the risk of hurting yourself.